A Snowy Day

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TMAMITW is spending some time in Central Oregon. What a better time to test out mobile blogging.


Thanks Better Energy

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The Most Adventurous Man in the World would like to thank the people at Better Energy for selecting his photo of The Most Adventurous Car in the World in their photo contest.


Lions of the Kalahari

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The Most Adventurous Man in the World would like to share this incredible song with you.

The Cove

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Most Man in the World went see the movie documentary The Cove, the movie is a masterpiece, as I type this reports from Japan are that the senseless slaughter has ended at least for this year. The Most Adventurous Man in the world encourages each of you to view this film; it will make a difference in your life. The way their plight is presented is unique and engaging, the story that is told is compelling without being preachy, however, it did give Most Adventurous Man in the World a understanding of the passion involved. The Most Adventurous Man in the World has been a long time advocate for the plight of the Baiji so the passion is well understood. The piece that impacted The Most Adventurous Man in the World mostly was the explanation of how dolphins have consciousness. This is what sets the Dolphins and Whales apart. The Most Adventurous Man in the world understand that as people we will slaughter animals for our needs, wants and survival, the consciousness these animals have sets them apart, The Cove does a masterful tale of explaining why. Another point that Most Adventurous Man in the World thought was incredible was the safety factor as it pertains to mercury poisoning. The Cove is a must see.

11 Things

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People frequently want to know more about The Most Adventurous Man in the World. He thought he would take some time and share a bit more about himself. As you all know The MostAdventurous Man in the World is always prepaired, he keeps his BOB (Bug-Out-Bag) in his car at all times. His Black Swan pack is usually within reach, however, there are a few things that he keeps on his person at all times, these items are things that can come in handy frequently. They are (in no particular order):

1. Zeiss monocular– This is the best made most useful mini monocular The MostAdventurous Man in the World has seen. It’s been used to watch wildlife to getting a better view at a concert.

 2. Hand sanitizer– Not only does it keep you clean, it can be used as a fire starter if needed. Plus the EO smells great. 

3. Fisher Space Pen-Everyone caries a writing instrument of some sort, why not carry the best? It writes in water, upside down, even in space. Who cares if the Soviets’ used a pencil!

4. Petzl E+Lite– A small light is always useful and this mini headlamp with the strap removed makes for the best pocket light around. Four settings including red for night vision and a flashing emergency mode.

5. HP iPAQ 4155– I know what everyone is saying, a Pocket PC how out dated! NO I say! Yes The MostAdventurous Man in the World has a smart phone but with programs like Pocket Stars, World Atlas and an encyclopedia database, not to mention all the field guides that have been scanned as PDF files, its like a computer unto itself. Bonus-no one calls you on it!

6. Leatherman Juice– Stylish yet functional. How many times has The MostAdventurous Man in the World been the only one with a cork screw?

7. Brunton ADC PRO– See my opinion HERE .

8. MSR Pack Towel– Compact, absorbent, quick drying better than a handkerchief

9. SUN lip balm– The MostAdventurous Man in the World choice Alba Sun SPF 18

10. Compass– Never leave home without it.

11. Nike Oregon series watch (not pictured) – Just incase you forget the compass and the ADC, this watch has compass, temperature, barometric pressure, elevation plus much more.

Opinion: Solio Solar Charger (classic)

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The Solio charger is one of the best concepts The Most Adventurist Man in the World has come across. The premise: A small charger that can be used to charge most electronic devises that is able to be recharged on the road via a USB port or (this is the cool part) the sun.


The Most Adventurist Man in the Worlds’ first experience using the Solio charger was on a 4-day rafting trip down the Platte river in Colorado. After charging the unit prior to departure, using the USB port option, off he went. Then TMAMITW used it to charge his Motorola Q overnight. There is a charge indicator light that blinks green five times when fully charged. After the overnight charge my Q was charged 100% and the Solio was down to two flashing lights using 60% of the charging power. Cool so far………………………………

Now the fun begins, charging via the sun. Using the enclosed suction cup the Solio charger was placed on the inside window of The Most Adventurist Car in the World and left to re-charge the internal battery while TMAMITW was on the river (Solio does state that chagrining outside the window is best). After 4 hours of direct sunlight, still only two flashes (40% power), no additional charging seemed to happen. According to the less than detailed owners manual it will take 8-10 hours to charge. With that said two hours should equal one flash from the indicator ligSolio with Qht. Back at camp the charger is placed on The Most Adventurist Tent in the World, then on a tree maintaining full sun for another two hours…………no change in the indicator light. The Most Adventurist Man in the World gave up for this trip.

Back at The Most Adventurist Home in the World the Solio gets direct sun for another 6 hours resulting in one additional flash from the indicator light. We are now up to 3 flashes or 60% charged. Day 4: Another six hours in direct outside sun and have achieved 4 flashes equaling an 80% charge. Day five another six hours in the high altitude (5,860 feet to be exact) sun the unit is still at four flashes meaning only 80% charged. Tomorrow is another day…… Unfortunately it is a cloudy one, the Solio is left out to see what affect residual sun light has (resulting in no real change). Day six: After 4 hours of direct sunlight the much anticipated 5th light appeared,the Solio is finally charged fully. The best estimations is that it took 24 hours (not including car time through the window) to fully charge the Solio. Not overly impressive but there is out hope, The Most Adventurist Man in the World has to admit the thing is cool, if not functional. Now to charge some batteries and electronics. After TMAMITW does some charging and drain the storage battery he will attempt to recharge Charging on side of tentvia sunlight and measure the time more accurately. According to the manufacturer you only need 8-10 hours of sunlight to fully charge the unit. If that turns out to be accurate The Most Adventurist Man in the World will be ecstatic.

TMAMITW is going to charge two 2500mAh AA batteries that are completely drained using the USB adapter and a Energizer USB charger (photo below). The charge time was 4 hours and left the Solio with 2 flashing lights draining it of 60% of its power. The Motorola Q was then charged . It was at about 25% power and in one hour the Solio charged it to 75%, that is when the Solio itself ran out of juice. So in this instance It took about 5 days of sunlight charging of the Solio Charging batteriesto charge two rechargeable batteries and halfway charge the Q. Not the best performance, but The Most Adventurist Man in the World is not going to give up yet. The next two days will be devoted to more accurately measuring the recharge time via the Sun with the Solio. After day one and six solid hours of high altitude sun there are 3 flashing lights (point of reference when the unit was fully drained it still had one flashing light) after the second day and another six solid hours it was fully charged. after two weeks of use charging via sun only draining and recharging, it is safe to make the conclusion that it will take at least 12 hours not the 8-10 as stated in the manual. Before coming to my final opinion I want to drain and charge one more time.

After two weeks, The Most Adventurist Man in the Worlds’ opinion is; this is not an everyday charger, unless you really want to spend time managing the process (which I will probably do, why have something so cool and not use it?). For a 1-2 day backpacking trip it would be good, although you really need to manage what you will be charging (i.e. batteries for headlamp, weather radio, gps? Or for your cell phone or PDA?). It wont be able to do both 100% in a day, so managing power will become an important task. For a longer trip you may want to take it but supplement it with a more powerfulSolio peel charger, perhaps one from Brunton. I will be stating my opinion on a Brunton solar charger in the near future and will then compare the virtues of each. For general travel it should work well, especially if you supplement the sun with charging via the USB port. The Most Adventurist Man in the World did noticed that anyplace this charger touches a surface while charging in the sun the finish starts to peel away (see photo to right), not a huge issue, as with use I imagine it will get pretty beat up. The size and look are great. the fact that you are charging an internal battery that can recharge your gadgets with at night is BRILLIANT and missing in most other solar chargers.

Final opinion: It works basically as advertized. Plus there is the cool factor because the Solio is cool, it looks cool, the features are cool, its cool to use green (sun) energy and when The Most Adventurist Man in the World sit’s outside at the local pub drinking a IPA with his Solio on the table charging away, he looks extra cool. The Solio is worth adding to the list of gear, if you can find it at a discount so much the better. The Most Adventurist Man in the World dub’s the The Most Adventurist Rechargeable Solar Charger in the World.

Should you require additional information on my opinion of the Solio charger, or would like my opinion on a product you make or use please do not hesitate to email me or post your comment/questions here.

The Most Adventurist Man in the World

Additional photo’s of the Solio in action

TMACITWThe Most Adventurist Car in the World

Tree Huuger Hugging a tree

TentThe Most Adventurist Tent in the World

Yesterdays Walk

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Appetizer When The Most Adventurist Man in the World goes for a simple stroll, its not simple. A venomous rattlesnake in a neighborhood is never a good thing. Luckily The Most Adventurist Man in the World is skilled at making Baked Rattlesnake with Rosemary as an Appetizer.